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Getting Started

Stake, Chill, and Harvest

So you’ve made it to OtterClam, you like what you see, and you’re ready to dive in. Now what? Well, you’ll need to get some CLAM, the native currency of the entire Otter Kingdom ecosystem. Here’s how:


You’ll need to program your MetaMask wallet to read Polygon first. Once you’ve done that, use native MATIC to swap for CLAM on Quickswap, Polygon’s largest DeFi exchange. The MATIC/CLAM pair is likely the easiest if you’ve just arrived on Polygon, but you can swap several other assets for CLAM as well.

Matic to Clam

Need more details than that? We got you. Check out this tutorial for more details on how to buy CLAM.

Stake CLAMs

Once you’ve acquired the amount of CLAM you want (make sure you didn’t use *all* of your MATIC, you’ll need some for gas), you can simply stake your CLAM to start earning rewards. Go here to stake.

Clam to Pearl

This is the most basic way to take advantage of holding CLAM. Staking is immediate and you can unstake anytime you like. Maximum flexibility, maximum convenience. For those of you interested in increasing your CLAM returns, read on.


Now that you’ve got some PEARL and we know you mean business, let’s briefly explore PEARL chests. If you’re not ready to lock up your PEARL, but you like the potential tax advantages of holding them while accruing rewards, no problem. You can simply hold and enjoy the gains. If treasure chests filled with PEARLS sound enticing to you, keep reading.

PEARL Chests

Pearl to Chest

The Otter Kingdom has a huge vault deep below the riverbed containing countless chests ready to secure your PEARLs. The protocol is designed to offer you exceptionally high APYs for trusting us with your PEARL. The terms for these chests vary from 14 to 180 days. The longer you’re willing to lock up your PEARL, the larger the share of each reward rebase we’re willing to offer you.

Think it over and decide what suits your risk management strategy before you lock up your PEARL. If all of this sounds great to you, but you’d like a little more information, go here to get better acquainted with PEARL chests. If you’ve already thought about it, and you’re ready to lock up your PEARLs, go here.


Bonding is an easy way for you to get CLAM at a discount, and you may be able to use a few other assets you already have. Basically, by committing to a 5-day bond, OtterClam is able to provide a discount to you when the protocol needs liquidity for certain assets.

Bond to sClam

Now, we have (4,4) bonds that allow you to enjoy rewards from the time you bond until it’s time to claim your CLAM 5 days later. To learn more about bonding and the bonding pairs we currently offer, go here.

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