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Otter Kingdom

A DAO-governed Land Where NFTs Make Finance Fun

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About Otter Kingdom

We are passionate about decentralization, and we believe that in an industry where practically everything can be replicated, our community culture and the art that gave it life, are what ultimately sets us apart.

about otter kingdom

Here we introduce our core features that you can explore...

PAW Market

Our market will be open and permissionless, so you can bring over your personal portfolio, or add to your collection from our own, in-house created NFT selection.

Coming Soon


Otto NFTs

The First Citizens of the Otter Kingdom. Breedable. Stakeable. Loveable! Ottos from the Genesis Collection are not only the cutest otters in the kingdom, they also have exclusive privileges. Buy them with $CLAM, breed them to raise your Otter family, use them in the Otter Kingdom, or just give one to your friends!

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OtterClam Treasury

Visit the OtterClam Treasury to store your precious PEARLs in your PEARL chests. The longer you lock them up, the greater your APY. Stash enough of them for long enough, and you'll get an NFT that can be used to get bond discounts.

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Our metaverse adventure in the Sandbox has only just begun! Use your Otto VX to play games, explore our kingdom, or participate in special events. More features coming soon.

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How to Get Started

So you’ve made it to OtterClam, you like what you see, and you’re ready to dive in. Now what? Well, you’ll need to get some CLAM to participate in the ecosystem. Although there are many ways for you to take advantage of the platform’s various features, you’ll need our native currency CLAM to get started.

get started

If you’re not sure how to buy CLAM, click the button below and our Otter Guide will lead you:

Getting Started

Join Our Community

Let’s make it (🦦,🦦)

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